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Malla gresite
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Malla01 - Malla Gresite

1. Ensure that the surface, walls and floor where the material is to be applied are perfectly flat and plastered, to obtain a perfect finish.

Malla02 - Malla Gresite

2. Adjust the plate and place it on the base on which glue has been spread.

Malla03 - Malla Gresite

3. Press with the aid of a wooden or rubber trowel.

Malla04 - Malla Gresite

4. To fill the gaps, diagonally apply a layer of the filling material with a rubber putty knife.

Malla05 - Malla Gresite

5. Clean with a damp sponge.

malla gresite

6.Rinse and then dry with a dry cloth.

malla gresite

7. By following these instructions your work will take less time and improve significantly.